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Yves Saint Laurent Libre 90ml

Freedom is seductive – and you know how to get it. So let the world know. Yves Saint Laurent Libre Eau de Parfum will show everyone that you’re not afraid to say no. Because you know what’s best for you.

  • floral fragrance with lavender accords
  • for a strong, confident woman
  • ideal for special occasions

Composition of the fragrance
The composition opens with the essences of orange tree and petitgrain with lavender accords accompanied by tangerine oil and blackcurrant. Lavender notes also show up in the heart of the fragrance where they pair up with jasmine. The final combination of warm vanilla with musk, amber, and cedar wood gives the fragrance a touch of opulence.

Story of the fragrance
“Libre” is the French word for “free”, and this idea informs this sensuous fragrance on every level. The perfume was designed for all strong women who consider freedom one of their most important values – just like Yves Saint Laurent itself.

The story of the fragrance plays out also on the flacon. The opulent luxury is displayed in its sharp lines, prominent logo wrapped around the bottle, and the golden embellishment of the asymmetrical cap.


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Yves Saint Laurent Libre